Valento can find the right skilled workers and high professionals for you.

High Professionals & Skilled Workers

We have been taking everything that little bit further for the past 15 years: ‘beyond the obvious’. Every organization needs inspiring leadership with the qualities to establish connections and a clear vision. As a project organization and specialist in the labour market, we make an important contribution towards meeting these needs. This is only possible with professional and passionate people who have know-how, skills, and genuine commitment.

We believe that the talent and strength of people is the source of success; ‘Success through People’
Our process is transparent: we say what we do and we do what we say. Valento Jobs pays attention to detail and has business acumen.
Our main focus is on skilled workers and highly educated technicians in the construction, industry, logistics, and engineering sectors. Valento has hundreds of employees and is a young and dynamic company that can be characterized by the words: courage, decisiveness, and professionalism.

We operate from locations in Sittard, Kerkrade, and Warsaw and are
active throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
Our team consists of experienced Professionals, each with their own field of expertise. We offer insight into people, the process, and the business.

Our Services

Finding the best skilled workers and professionals

We believe that the talent and strength of people is the source of success.
It is our strength as an intermediary between high professionals and organizations that makes the difference.
Thanks to our extensive network and expertise in the labour market, we can quickly bring you into contact with the best skilled worker or high professional for your vacancy or interim assignment.
Temporary employment
Flexible and easy deployment via Valento: flexibility, cost savings, convenience, and the avoidance of risk.
Our many years of experience in temporary employment mean that we have a large network of professionals and freelancers who are experts in operational tasks.
You tell us what you are looking for and we will find you the right candidate.


Does your organization operate with a temporary workforce? Do you need extra capacity or specific know-how for a project? Are you looking for a replacement in the short-term or long-term?
Our specialists are proof that flexibility and quality go hand in hand. We are happy to work with you to find a suitable solution for your recruitment needs.
If you opt for secondment, the candidates will be employed by us. We then intensively supervise the seconded person.
After the secondment period, there is an option for the seconded person to obtain a permanent position with the client.

Recruitment & Selection

The starting point is a detailed job and competency profile. The market is analyzed on the basis of these criteria. We then proceed to approach, select, and carefully screen the candidates.

If desired, we can also provide assessments of candidates. In each phase of the selection process, you will have insight into the progress; from the extensive intake to the evaluation after the commencement of employment.
We will be happy to make you a proposal in which your recruitment needs and our approach are elaborated. Our proposal will be characterized by innovative pricing and a good guarantee scheme.
Our main focus is high quality and complete satisfaction. We will regularly coordinate actions to ensure that our cooperation remains optimal.

Frequently asked questions of Valento Jobs

1. Can I only contact Valento Jobs for a temporary employee?

Our services are fully customized, which means that you decide what we can do for your company. Looking for a temporary employee is certainly one of the options. However, most intermediary activities commence on a project or temporary basis with the ultimate objective of entering into employment with you as the client. This means that you can contact us for both temporary and permanent employees.

2. What is the difference between recruitment & selection and secondment for me?

A secondment allows you to become acquainted with an employee for a specific predetermined period of time. And vice versa, of course. During this period of time, the employee is under contract to Valento Jobs.
You make use of our network and expertise for recruitment & selection. Valento recruits and selects a top candidate according to your wishes. After a positive job interview, the employee will join your company.

3. What are the advantages of secondment?

1. During the secondment period you will have the opportunity to get to know the employee. If you are satisfied with the employee, you can hire him/her without any further cost after an agreed period of time.
2. Valento Jobs works according to an all-in hourly rate. All employer’s expenses, continued payment for holidays, public holidays, special leave, and sickness are for the account of Valento Jobs. You only pay for the hours worked.
3. The employee is employed by Valento Jobs and all administrative tasks are handled by Valento Jobs.
4. Valento Jobs works on a no cure-no pay basis. You pay the hourly rate for the hours the employee works only when he/she actually starts work.
5. You will save your valuable time by outsourcing your recruitment and selection to Valento Jobs.

4. How do you recruit employees?

We recruit candidates through online and offline advertisements domestically and abroad, through our office in Warsaw and via the internet and social media. We also make frequent use of our extensive database and the extensive network of Valento Jobs.

5. How many employees do you provide intermediary services on an annual basis?

In recent years, we have helped hundreds of employees to find a job within our network.

6. Does Valento Jobs have Veiligheid en Gezondheid Checklist Uitzendkrachten certification (VCU, Safety and Health Checklist for temporary employment agencies)?

Yes, we are VCU certified. This VCU certificate means that Valento Jobs guarantees that its employees are always well informed about the safety and health risks of a technical profession.