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The story of...

Indra van Oppen

Before Indra joined Valento last year, he worked and travelled around Australia for 3 years. Indra was trained as a mechanical mechanic and also gained related work experience in Australia. Because of the Corona crisis, he eventually had to come back to the Netherlands - earlier than initially planned. On his return to the Netherlands, he looked for a job in technology as a mechanical mechanicThat is when we came into contact with Indra and Indra eventually joined Valento as a Mechanical Fitter. Through us he has been working for more than a year at Facta in Nederweert, who will take over and employ him directly as of next January.

  1. How did you get in contact with Valento?

When I was looking for a new job, I was able to get an interview with a lot of companies. Because of the shortage of technically trained personnel, I had nothing to complain about in terms of employment at that time. This in a time when the labour market was not doing well because of Corona. Valento was involved as an intermediary with one of the companies that I applied to. Unfortunately, the vacancy I applied for had already been filled. Valento then immediately took the plunge and started looking for an alternative. Through the extensive network of my contact Rachel Cleutjensthey were soon able to offer me an alternative. That is how FACTA and, given my work experience, the choice was easily made. I have been working here with great pleasure for over a year now.

  1. What exactly does your work involve FACTA?

At FACTA I work as a service and maintenance engineer for pumps, gearboxes and electric motors, among other things. I mainly work in our workshop in Nederweert. But if there are any complaints or breakdowns with one of our machines, we go to the customer with our service van, where maintenance is carried out on site.

  1. What gives you pleasure in the work you do?

It is mainly the variety that I enjoy. It's nice to be able to leave the workshop once in a while and go to a customer to solve a breakdown. Just last week, for example, I was standing with a colleague from FACTA Spijkenisse I was working on a generator that had to be aligned. We had to connect this to a 12-cylinder gas engine, which was a huge machine of over 8 metres. This was a huge job that required a lot of overtime. But it gave me a lot of satisfaction to complete this job successfully.

  1. How was and is the contact with Valento?

I have lost contact with Rachel as pleasant. I am also very satisfied with the speed with which administrative problems are solved. For example, if there is something wrong with the pay slip, it is solved immediately with one phone call. Valento has also kept its word. From the moment I signed, it was stated that I could be taken over by Valento after one year. FACTA. They have kept this promise.

  1. We believe in Success through People, How do you make sure you are successful in your work life?

You just have to be yourself and help your colleagues.
At the end of the day, you are a team and you have to do it together; the other way round, I would also enjoy getting advice from a colleague. In our profession, you have to deal with craftsmanship and practical work is in our DNA, by sharing knowledge we all ultimately become better


A portrait of Indra van Oppen