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6 job application tips for everyone!

You have applied for a job. Your motivation and CV have attracted attention and you have been invited for a job interview. The following 6 tips will help you prepare well for this interview and increase your chances of a successful job application. Use them to your advantage.

Step 1: Read the vacancy carefully

To succeed in a job interview, it is important to know the job well.
Think carefully about how you relate to the job requirements. Prepare this well so you can articulate why you are the ideal candidate. If you know everything there is to know about the vacancy, you will come across more confidently and be able to answer questions more easily. Even if you do not fit the profile, think about why you could be the right candidate. For example, do you have related work experience in the past? Or maybe your personal qualities match what they are looking for. In short, be prepared!

Step 2: Make sure you know the organisation well

Now that you know the job well, the next step is to look at the company or organisation. What can you find online about the place where you will be applying? Dig into the company's history, for example. Or see what you can find on social media. Maybe you have connections on LinkedIn who work or have worked there. By reading up well, you may come up with questions you would like to ask. Be especially curious, this leaves a good first impression.

Step 3: Let the organisation know you

In 9 out of 10 cases, you will be asked to introduce yourself. This may seem like an innocent question, but it is just as important as any other. It is good to tell something about your personal life. But also use your answer to tell why you applied and what appeals to you in this job.

Do you also have related work experience? This is good, because it allows you to ask specific questions. This shows that you take your profession seriously and do not just have experience on paper. This will make a good impression!

Step 4: Prepare for possible questions

On the Internet, there are many job application questions that you can certainly expect.
Prepare yourself for this. This will make you appear self-assured and you will not be at a loss for words when asked some difficult questions. Are you surprised by a question? Then take your time for your answer, this is really not a problem.

Step 5: Find out with whom you are having the conversation

Find out who you are talking to. Google this person as well so that you not only know the name but can also recognise them. Maybe you have the same connections or common friends. These are always fun facts to bring up when the conversation requires it.

Step 6: Decide what clothes to wear

A number of points are important in this regard, first of all, make sure you look well-groomed.
In addition, choose clothing that fits the corporate culture. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, if you are "comfortable in your own skin" you will consciously radiate this and leave a positive impression.

The colour blue is the most chosen colour at a job interview, and for good reason.
Blue radiates calmness and tranquillity. The colour blue is neutral and gives the impression that you are loyal and sincere.

Hopefully, by reading these steps you will have become much wiser. We wish you good luck with your job application. Are you still looking for a nice job?
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