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Project leader (Renovation and new construction).

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  • Maastricht
  • HBO Bachelor's degree
  • 32-40
  • Construction
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The company

For a medium-sized construction company in the Limburg region, we are looking for an experienced Project Leader Renovation and New Construction.
You lead renovation and new construction projects from small to medium-sized. You consult with the planner, housing coach, subcontractors, etc., whereby you contribute your knowledge of the execution and technical elaboration and, on that basis, take decisions and/or issue orders. You will attend construction meetings with architects, clients and contructors. You will be working in the Maastricht or Kelpen-Oler region and will be employed by the company itself.

This company has an informal, professional family culture with short lines where the door is always open and you address each other on a first-name basis. Vitality and personal development are of paramount importance to us. There is an internal Academy where you will be actively coached to make the most of your qualities and where the focus is on personal development. You will receive a warm welcome from a close team so that you will feel at home immediately! In addition, we find a good introduction very important. That is why, before your first day at work, you will always be told what your first days will look like and we organise a pleasant and informative introduction meeting with other new colleagues. Successes, such as new projects, are celebrated with cake. Many fun activities are also organised outside of working hours. These include the annual Saint Nicholas celebration and the Christmas and construction holiday drinks. In recent years, the following outings have been organised: going out in Maastricht, a golf clinic, party nights and much more!

Your working day

Between 07.30 and 09.00 you start your working day from your home office with great enthusiasm. You start with a team meeting with the planning supervisor who is currently working on a project for 24 new-build flats in the tender phase, where your implementation knowledge is brought in. For one of your projects, you have an appointment at the building site. Due to the bad weather, certain activities have been delayed and, together with the site manager, you are going to see whether there are ways of optimising the implementation.

When you arrive at the office, you hear from a colleague that a team member has a new baby on the way. You make a note to agree with some colleagues later on when you will go and visit the baby. You also make a phone call to the housing coach who is dealing with a buyer who has a specific implementation-related question.

To 12.30 pm You have a break and agree with your colleagues whether you go for a walk or have lunch in the canteen.

After the break, you will have a purchasing meeting with the installer. The central question is: 'which system fits the house best? Earlier, you asked this installer about the right choice for the use of ground sources in relation to costs and feasibility. You discuss this and together come to a technical elaboration and assignment. After this, you have a construction meeting at a building site with the client, architect and structural engineer. To ensure that the work proceeds according to plan, you will have to make important decisions.

The day has flown by and it is time to go home. You have already seen in your diary that tomorrow's working day on the building site will start with an internal project team meeting (for the site manager, planner and housing coach). Here, the planning and upcoming deliveries are discussed and the agreed quality level is determined together. You look back on today's working day with a satisfied feeling.

Salary indication: € 4000 - € 5000

The project manager we are looking for brings with him or her the following:

  • A completed HBO engineering degree
  • Minimum of 10 years' experience in construction, of which at least 5 years as project leader
  • Experience with projects varying between 1.5 and 5 million
  • You are someone who does not shy away from leadership and is always aware of the ins and outs of your projects
  • Decisiveness is in your blood and coordinating and harmonising your work is a given for you.
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