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ZZP assignments engineering

Are you self-employed in engineering and looking for new challenges? Then Valento is your ideal partner. We offer a constant stream of technical assignments throughout Limburg. At Valento, you choose which assignments you would like to carry out. We also take care of the administrative tasks, so you can fully concentrate on what you are good at: doing your job. You only need to hand in your hours, we take care of the rest. It's that simple!

What advantages do you have as a self-employed technician?

1. You are at the centre of our concerns!

We help you find a suitable new job that matches your wishes and ambitions. We focus on your knowledge and skills and look for valuable jobs for you.
We have a large network giving you more scope to make the right choice between different clients.

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2. With us, you are always provided with work!

We know our field extremely well, with a complete spectrum of different jobs in the technical sector. As a result, we are always able to provide you with new self-employed engineering jobs.

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3. We unburden you

We use our own self-billing system. You send us your hours and we do the rest. With us, you as a freelancer are only busy with your work and no longer have to deal with the invoicing of your clients.



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4. Getting started for the best rate

To determine the right rate, we will look at your experience and professionalism.
On this basis, we will make you a suitable offer.




Alternative for Werkspot

Valento offers freelancers a better solution in finding assignments. Unlike Werkspot, where you have to pay for visibility and are not sure if you will get the assignment, Valento offers no-obligation assignments and guarantees a wide selection of clients. We want to offer you a simpler and more efficient process, so you can concentrate on what really matters: carrying out quality assignments.





What is our working area?

Valento is linked to an extensive network of reliable clients and offers various self-employed assignments in engineering. Our working area focuses on Limburg and some areas in Brabant. We offer a wide range of opportunities for various positions, including an engineer, breakdown engineer, welder, maintenance engineer and CNC operator. As a freelancer, you can count on challenging assignments and growth and development opportunities at Valento.

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We are looking for freelancers for almost every position in engineering. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, electrician or technical draughtsman. Are you curious about our offer? View all our zzp vacancies in engineering,

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Frequently asked questions

A self-employed person in engineering has to deal with different rates. In engineering, you deal with many different types of jobs.
Do you want to know exactly which freelance rate is appropriate for your work?

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