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Maintenance Technician W (All-round).

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  • Maastricht
  • MBO Level 4
  • 40.00
  • Engineering
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Job Description

Three main processes can be distinguished within the department: firstly, the mechanics work on electronics, mechanics and process automation (Delta V and PLC control), secondly, engineering and execution of projects under the supervision of the department, and lastly, the administrative and warehouse work (using the SAP system). The core task of the department is to ensure that the site can operate safely and continuously. The department is managed by the manager maintenance and projects and further consists of a supervisor, a number of mechanics (mechanical, electrical and all-round) and a warehouse manager.

External contractors are used for certain engineering work, such as complex control engineering work. Thus, engineering is partly outsourced to work out details. For further automation of the production process, external contractors (suppliers) are often consulted. Technical drawings are also drawn up and managed by the manager maintenance and projects, with or without the help of external parties. The executive functions focus mainly on 1st-line issues, such as breakdowns, overhauls, modifications, instrumentation and building management, etc. Within these functions, a 1-week rotation of production (operations) works as fault engineer, providing support to the entire production department. Electrical installation responsibility lies with the supervisor.

Permits are issued in the department for the purpose of securing installations. Budgets above USD 5,000 require the co-approval of the site manager. Besides improvement projects, preventive maintenance plans are drawn up and there is also room for curative tasks. In all work, there is a constant focus on safety, laws and other regulations. 

Position in the Organisation

  • Manager maintenance & projects (hierarchical)
  • Supervisor maintenance & projects (technical) 

Functional purpose

Troubleshooting and performing maintenance and modification work in the mechanical and partly electrical field on both production plants and utilities while observing company and safety regulations and required specifications. 

€ 2970 - € 3738

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