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Are you a self-employed worker in the construction industry, or do you want to start out as self-employed? Then get to work for Valento!
With us, you will always have assignments, even when the job market is less busy. We offer a wide choice of clients throughout Limburg. With us, you will only do the jobs that YOU want to do, from small jobs to large projects. In addition, you no longer have to deal with administrative tasks.

What are the advantages of being a self-employed worker in construction (at Valento)?

1. You are at the centre of our concerns!

We put you centre stage and translate your wishes and ambitions into the perfect assignment. Fully in line with your knowledge and skills. By means of a good screening, we ensure the right match with our client. With us, YOU decide which jobs you want to perform. Our broad portfolio gives you the choice between the smallest jobs or large projects.

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2. Always have work as a self-employed person

With us, you will always have work, even when the job market is slow.
Valento is originally a full-service project organisation in the construction industry. We know our field like no other, with a complete spectrum of functions and a large network. Therefore, we can always provide you with new freelance assignments in construction.

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3. Full care

As a self-employed person, you are not only busy with your work, but also with your invoicing. We take these administrative burdens off your hands as much as possible. We take care of the payments every 14 days and support you administratively. So, no more paperwork, but optimum relief through advice and guidance. With us, you do not need to use an accountant.

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4. Working at the best rate

With us, you always get work at the best rate. In addition, your experience and craftsmanship will be taken into account.
On this basis, we will make you a suitable offer.

Alternative for Werkspot

At first sight, Werkspot seems to be the best platform when you are looking for new jobs as a self-employed person. However, appearances can be deceptive. You pay an amount determined by Werkspot in order to be able to view a freelance assignment. Even after you have responded, it is still not certain that you will actually get the job. After sending your quotation, the principal can still choose a cheaper craftsman or quotation. At Valento we tackle this, we offer you jobs without obligation and we guarantee a wide choice of clients.



What is our working area?

Valento is linked to a large network of renowned clients. These are various zzp assignments of both large and small. Our work area focuses mainly on Limburg and partly in Brabant. We provide freelance work for all kinds of vacancies in the construction industry. We have various possibilities for, among others: a carpenter, an earthworker, a calculator, a painter or a plasterer.

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Frequently asked questions

A self-employed worker in the construction industry earns between €25 and €50 per hour. However, the function and location of the self-employed person influences the hourly rate.
Do you want to know exactly which freelance rate is appropriate for your work?

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