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Bouwpersoneel gezocht?

Valento kan per direct vakmannen leveren voor al uw uiteenlopende bouwprojecten. Zowel tijdelijk als vast, en van zzp’ers tot bouwvakkers in loondienst.
Daarnaast geloven wij in het talent en de krachten van de mens als bron van succes. Door ons grote netwerk en onze expertise binnen de bouwsector, brengen we u binnen 48 uur in contact met dé vakman voor uw bouwproject.

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Begeleiding – 8,0

Deskundigheid – 7,7

Snelheid – 8,1

Bereikbaarheid – 8,1

Eindcijfer klanttevredenheidsonderzoek 2023

timmerman aan het werk

Onze mogelijkheden


maximum flexibility

Do your staffing requirements fluctuate? Do you want to temporarily replace a sick employee? Then hiring staff on a temporary basis is the answer. We will recruit and select the right candidate or candidates for your organisation. With temporary staffing, you decide the period for which you hire staff. You only pay an agreed hourly rate for the hours worked. We are the formal employer and bear all the employer's risks. Administrative matters, such as payroll, are also something you do not have to worry about.



more security

Secondment is similar to temporary employment, with the main difference being that with secondment, the hiring period is fixed in advance, whereas with temporary employment, you can terminate the contract at any time. Secondment therefore offers you and the candidate more security. With our secondment construction, you also have the option of hiring a candidate on a permanent basis after the secondment agreement expires.


Executive Search

outsource your recruitment process

Are you an employer and looking for a permanent employee for your company? Then you will soon find out that the shortage on the labour market makes this no easy task. Especially when you are faced with a complex recruitment issue. Moreover, we will gladly look for the most suitable candidate for your vacancy. Through our knowledge of the labour market and of your sector, we know how to perfectly match supply and demand.


Did you know that some 11,500 temping agencies are not structurally monitored in our country? Moreover, many collective agreements state that business should only be done with a NEN4000-certified Temporary Work Agency.
Valento meets these quality requirements of the NBBU, and has recently been included again in the SNA register (Stichting Normering Arbeid).

What exactly does that mean, an SNA and an NBBU certificate at the NBBU?
You hire staff without borrower risk.
Any company may be allowed to do business with Valento Jobs on the basis of their own collective bargaining agreement
We meet the highest quality standards in the temporary employment industry

Meteen een vacature plaatsen?

Are you looking for good staff? You can have your vacancy posted on our website. Leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible. Together we will then look for the right match!

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Valento Group is divided into business units. Our business units focus on: construction, utility, infrastructure, real estate, high professionals and technology. There are also opportunities for logistics and production companies.